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Coverage Claims


Undertake timely action through utmost visibility.

Organizations need to know how to best provision for a claim that comes in for an activated warranty; this requires the tedious task of seeking out old records to authenticate the claim, which is possible only if the product can be tracked accurately in order to map its ascertained warranty period.

This however can be further complicated if the product has multiple components, each with its own warranty period and inevitably its related claim, making it imperative to track each component individually leading to unnecessary confusion and delays in delivering the promise made to the customer.

Through the eXchange products can be tracked through their meta information right down to their serial no. allowing channel partners utmost visibility of a product anytime and anywhere as it accurately maps the products life cycle. Mapping each product helps channel partners better understand the coverage aspect and the necessary response to each product or each component within the installed assembly line, to better be able to service the customer, in terms of appropriate coverage and due response.

The eXchange offers:

  • Mapping each product component within an installed assembly line
  • Accurate depiction of set warranty
  • Complete account on coverage and necessary response
  • Timely action through utmost visibility
  • Strong customer relationships

The eXchange not only helps to appropriately cater to genuine warranty claims, it allows channel partners to understand the cost of warranty, by channelling the data driven feedback to alter the terms of pricing of products and their components in order to offer higher warranties and at bare minimum cost.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018