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Barcode Scanning Directly through Web Browser


Initiating viability at a basic standpoint.

When organizations aim to reach out to larger audiences, they have to work with many others to reach desired outcomes. The challenge here is that not all channel partners in a distribution network have the same level of sophistication in terms of technology, organizational structure or the ability to assimilate data, and successful integration can only be achieved when all channel partners level up on the maturity scale to meet fundamental criteria.

The eXchange eliminates the need for expensive scanners or software to read meta information, as it uses a very simple barcode scanner to streamline operations of an entire distribution network, once all channel partners are configured into the system, to create viability at a basic standpoint.

In order to achieves efficiency, the eXchange captures the meta information of products from batch, serial and lot no. to any other unique identification  possible, which is unfeasible in terms of manual intensive capture, especially in relatively unorganized or relatively less automated business environments, as goods pass from supplier to end consumers.

The eXchange offers:

  • Higher overall efficiency of the distribution network
  • Reduced errors in both organization functions and processes
  • Optimal organization and entity management
  • Viability at a basic standpoint

The eXchange shall soon be able to recognize products, assets, essential documentation and various users. Codes for these identifiers are established by the users themselves, for optimal organization and entity management. Through master files the overall impact of coding and scanning is amplified, as it enables automatic data capture, besides speed and convenience it ensures data hygiene, allowing the workforce to focus their mindshare on core activities.


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Last edited: August 2, 2018