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Asset Allocation


Capture real-time asset representation with appropriate allocation.

Assets at the disposal of any organization should be utilized to their full potential; this makes asset allocation an extremely important parameter to enhance a company's growth prospects. Consequently creating asset records requires the configuration of asset categories to easily construe allocation.

Forming asset categories stands to simply group assets under heads to create a sense of hierarchy and better establish allotment, inevitably making it easier to track revenue generating assets in batches rather than each individual entity at a time. It becomes integral to segregate assets in a manner that helps define whether assets are already allocated or need allocation. Although certain bare essentials may have default settings, most assets require either permanent or dynamic allocation to establish overall clarity.

The eXchange allows channel partners to configure any possible permutation in order to better address the need for asset allocation within their distribution network, to be able to streamline operations and account for assets in a manner that leads to optimal utilization.

The eXchange offers:

  • Better management of assets and there allocations
  • Various asset allocation permutations
  • Accurate allocation and depiction of assets as per categories
  • Utmost visibility in terms of asset segregation amid the workforce across the distribution network

The eXchange appropriately captures the allocation of assets that are constantly shifting custody from time to time based on business needs and also assets that rarely shift hands, to give an accurate representation of capitalized assets in real time. 


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Last edited: August 3, 2018