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Flexible Distribution Network Design


Market area and channel partners allow varying possibilities of a network design.

Business philosophy is what drives transformations in terms for exclusivity, product portfolio, key account allocation and more. A business's distribution network design needs to align with its business model and constantly adapt to evolve, as terms vary from market to market, portfolio to portfolio, and from one channel partner to another.

Businesses operate in multi-tier distribution networks that correspond to a variety of factors from, trade or transfer, concession, contracts, region, inventory arrangement to the varying mechanisms of channel partners who sell to either distributors who further distribute or directly to the end customer, leading to overlapping of counter parties.

Technology can often be limiting for businesses, when their channel partners and various agreed upon arrangements are highly intertwined and complex, and simply don't have what it takes to accommodate multiple portfolio adjustments per channel partner, in a multi-business unit company. Making accurate product allocation is integral, as various distributors have exclusive or non- exclusive holds, on diverse set of portfolios, unique to certain boundaries. The eXchange can help businesses grow, as it uncomplicates the network flow and harnesses flexible distribution network designs, to integrate substantial market capabilities and maximise potential.

The eXchange offers:

  • Clarity amidst overlapping counter parties
  • Multiple portfolio adjustments as per channel partner
  • Mapping of accurate market segmentation

Multi enterprise systems struggle in these scenarios because they require dynamic and adaptable changes that reflect exactly the kind of arrangement needed.  The eXchange lays emphasis on the adaptability of a system to the business need and reality, rather than the reality of having to adapt to the system and that is what is integral to the distribution design, as it allows our principal to map the entire distribution network on a single platform.


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Last edited: August 2, 2018