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Movement Across Jurisdictional Boundaries


Every state holds different jurisdictions on taxation boundaries, set up for generation of revenue for governing bodies at source, substantially impacting the overall cost of various transactions as they move either upstream or downstream in a multi-tier distribution network.

Thus businesses that carry out frequent movements across jurisdictional boundaries require a system that enables not only configuration that appropriately enables regulatory taxation compliance, due for various applicable statutory provisions, but a traceability feature to ensure accurate visibility over traded or consigned goods moving across boundaries.

The eXchange offers a module by which trade and transfer movements across state borders can be dealt with individually, whether intra-state or inter-state, levied by either federal or state governing bodies, at different junctures in the supply chain, enabling channel partner to consistently arrange a birds' eye view over inventory no matter its location.

The eXchange offers:

  • Tracking both upstream and downstream movements of inventory in real time
  • Possible configuration of the entire jurisdictional provision structure
  • Reliable application of intra-state or inter-state taxes on movement of goods
  • Utmost transparency across channel partners and governing bodies

The eXchange not only efficiently manages inventory it superimposes the whole jurisdictional provision structure which becomes applicable the moment, movements of goods are made and verified across boundaries globally enhancing the way channel partners work alongside governing bodies to meet customer expectations while growing business operations. 


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Last edited: August 3, 2018