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Distribution Portal


Diversity in the market is what gives rise to the need for market segmentation. In the current business environment, a distribution networks design needs to vary significantly from market to market in order to reach out to various customer segments. Companies are often challenged by the limitation of their enterprise systems. This stops them from seamlessly playing their part in the market to extend best practices, as they are unequipped to tackle routine inefficiencies to meet channel partner and customer expectations.

As information and processes are limited to the boundaries of the system, and the external interfaces tend to constantly allow discrepancies to creep into the organizations workflow, it becomes extremely necessary for organizations to revisit how they manage their distribution network, in order to make the processes scalable. Thus enhancing repeatability of business interfaces through streamlined integration amongst channel partners enables trade partner satisfaction and directs focus onto business growth, delivering higher productivity. Organizations lift their entire distribution network by aligning all the transactional and administrative aspects of the business and hence differentiating themselves from their competition with consistent and effective integration of their network.

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Last edited: July 3, 2018