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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Service Portal


The sale of a product only marks the beginning of a service relationship, and merely presenting customers with great products isn't enough to make a lasting impression in the market. What matters most is the entire experience that is offered before, during, and after a sale, to get the customer to spread the word and come back every time. A service journey is incomplete without accurate access to the installed customer base, which makes it integral to invest in a system that accurately captures every consumer, as without accurate consumer whereabouts customer service is often diluted and does not make the required impact.


Tracking the installed base helps to instantly answer service requests by responding to customer queries or product malfunctioning worries, instead of an ad hoc system which starts to reinitiate a know your customer at that stage. The installed base accurately charts out customer details and product related concerns, to provide the workforce with essential information, equipping them to handle the service requests with ease and efficacy. As it is crucial to respect the relationship that started when the customer purchased the product on the promise that sales service was guaranteed, in order to add to the overall value chain. 


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Last edited: July 17, 2017