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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Custom Applications


Organizations must constantly learn, unlearn, and relearn the ways to innovate, go to market, expand operations, all while overcoming challenges to differentiate themselves from their competition, especially in a digital world where technological transformation is generating at a boundless pace.

The time has come to view the entire business industry in a whole new light, and to persistently change the perspective of all manpower deliberately and not just top management across the multi-tier distribution network, by increasing their mindfulness in order to achieve limitless growth, with a clear focus on the betterment of every consumer.

Our single platform uplifts multiple tiers in a distribution network, enabling unlimited channel partners, to offer best practices, from procurement of raw material for manufacturing to recording and servicing customer experience. 

We collaboratively work around challenges by strengthening our existing design, fine-tuning it to incorporate custom applications that encapsulate necessary or unique features that truly matter to our clients and the customers that they provide for. 

Multiply Growth. Multiply Efficiency. Contact Us.

Last edited: December 28, 2017