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Flagging and Retiring


Always capture authentic and real-time asset allocation to boost utilization

Being able to track each asset with ease across channel partners helps businesses achieve growth while lowering costs by optimally utilizing assets to their full potential, however simply tracking an assets location and its life cycle can still lead to incorrect capture as the state of an asset plays a vital role in its actual usage.

This makes it extremely important to put into perspective, the current state of an asset at any given time. As an asset that is technically non-functional but is recorded in the company's books as allocable, could easily create disparity leading to unfulfilled requirements, inaccurate asset capture and allocation.

Channel partners require verified information to segregate assets that are currently allocated versus assets that aren't, summarized individually depending on their functionality. The eXchange enables asset flagging in real time, allowing channel partners to define asset states to easily determine which assets are under maintenance and require downtime. Retiring of assets is an added aspect, which helps to determine if at all an asset can be allocated again, depending on its post repair verdict; retired assets also require tracking to determine which assets will forever now be out of circulation.

The eXchange offers:

  • Defining of an assets current state
  • Asset flagging and retiring in real time
  • Capturing authentic and real-time asset allocation and utilization
  • Meeting future requirements every time

The eXchange through the combination of asset allocation and state of asset enables clear representation in terms of asset location, history and status, at any given time, helping channel partners narrow down allocable assets with ease. Multiple scenarios occur in real life business, carried out in a non-eXchange environment and need to be incorporated to accurately capture and collate assets in a manner that enables optimal asset utilization and meets future requirements.


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Last edited: August 3, 2018