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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Navigating Change


To navigate change it becomes quintessential to understand how change itself is changing. In the present economy change is occurring in both volume and velocity, hence organizations need to take on the inevitable transformation by first undertaking structured change management, which is bound to affect an organization internally all while influencing its external network. In order to meet this significant shift in the ways of working, organizations need to be ready to test the waters, with a desire to constantly adapt to current expectations with regards to future effects.


It becomes imperative for not only the directive leadership but the entire workforce to think bigger than ever before, and take small steps that strengthen the foundation of building a work culture conducive to change. Thinking backwards from a future vision allows the workforce to collaboratively incorporate new capabilities that generate new solutions. And effectively communicate to accomplish a stimulated demand to consistently revalidate, renew, and reassure the way forward, building a culture that embraces disruption as a differentiator while ensuring continuity of operations for a transformation that is inclusive of one at a time yet multiple smooth transitions.


We reduce the cognitive load of system users by constantly upgrading the aspects of design to accommodate a balance between top management and front line workforce.  And provide the due diligence between workforce guidance and performance mandate, extending an accurate stimulus across external networks. While mastering the internal workings of our client organization, we help uplift the entire supply chain, its workforce, and the very consumer that accentuates organizational growth, by effectively navigating change.


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Last edited: July 24, 2017