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One-to-One Contracts


Most technology platforms offer suppliers and buyers a single price configuration option, whereas the market dictates a need for numerous commercial variations, and a supplier could need to configure different commercials for every deal. Handling numerous contracts between, suppliers, channel partners and customers can be an overwhelming task as the no. of contracts increase, especially when upgrades in products and their prices are frequent.

Without a mechanism which propagates transparency of contracts, allows configuration in terms of structuring, smooth application, and easy implementation throughout the distribution network, there are bound to be massive discrepancies and losses.

Since suppliers require the flexibility to structure contracts based on need, such as customer relevance, eligibility, tier and competitor pressure, through one-to-one contracts the eXchange offers a system which at a given time, can incorportae individual differentiated commercial contracts configured for each party.

The eXchange offers:

  • Differentiated contract structuring
  • Customization of contracts beyond defaults
  • Real-time visibility amid trade partners
  • Process efficiency
  • Secure and reliable transactions based on eligibility

The eXchange helps to configure contracts that override the defaults for any of the commercial aspects whether pricing, shipping, packaging, handling, or duties, for customers and channel partners alike. Enabling orders that have accurate, updated and verified commercials in real-time to enhance process efficiencies and eliminate inconsistencies. Contract details are only made available to transaction specific customers and channel partners to maintain discretion. 


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Last edited: August 2, 2018