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Rebranded: Gather&Co to INHX

Assigned Staff


We understand that our clients may require additional assistance in the form of assigned staff, which is dedicated to enhance operations by maximizing strategy and which possess the expertise essential to delivering optimal performance.


We enable manpower deployment on our payroll to provide our clients sustained workload handling during and after the rollout process. As we essentially are open to constantly create innovative models offering the best possible cost effective productivity to the organizations that we work with so as to strategically enhance their go to market strategy.


From an extended sales team to an operations or service team, we optimize market reach in order to create an extended bandwidth for exceptional customer service, or functional management, all in a highly efficient manner in response to the need for specific expertise in terms of manpower resources. Assigned staff in the times of policy restrictions and local versus global market reality differences proves beneficial if outsourced, and we attract the right talent to fill necessary positions.


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Last edited: July 24, 2017